How could your organisation benefit from extended enterprise learning?

What is extended enterprise learning?

Businesses often find themselves in a position where they need to provide training to learners – specifically non-employees - outside of their own organisation. Indeed, many in the automotive manufacturing, retail and aftersales sectors are already offering this extended enterprise training to some degree.

Whether it’s targeted at suppliers, distributors, dealer networks, or even customers, extended enterprise learning benefits learners as well as the company supplying learning. There’s no doubt that good quality extended enterprise training, supported by the right learning technology, offers a valuable return on investment. But what exactly are the benefits? And what should you be looking for in an extended enterprise Learning Management System (LMS)?

What benefits are companies seeing from it?

According to Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 report ‘Extended Enterprise Learning: Generating Revenue and Adding Value’, 58% of companies say extended enterprise learning has reduced their training costs. Introducing learning technology as a way of reducing traditional classroom training in favour of mobile and eLearning can cut costs considerably. On a related note, more than half of companies said it had also reduced travel costs.

There are tangible gains to be made for companies prepared to invest in effective learning technology for their extended enterprise; 40% of companies surveyed for the 2017 research said that adoption had increased sales revenue.

The positive effects don’t stop there either, with 55% of companies saying their extended enterprise learning strategy has improved their customer relations while 41% believe it helps maximise customer retention. You can download our whitepaper for a more in-depth look at how learning technology can improve customer experiences in automotive retail.

Beyond these benefits, a number of organisations are capitalising on opportunities to add even further value. As many as 40% are actively generating revenue via extended enterprise learning. Some sell exclusive dealer or franchise rights to partners while others provide the option to purchase training on a per-course basis.

How could your organisation benefit from Empowered, the original extended enterprise LMS?

Although traditional teaching methods still have their place, an LMS can help manage the learning process more effectively. The Brandon Hall Group report claims that 80% of companies are still pulling people from outside their organisation into classrooms for training. As they assert, “There could be significant cost savings without an impact to effectiveness.”

Redware’s Empowered Learning Management System enables this with its blended learning approach. Combining easy-to-access mobile learning and conventional methods, Empowered allows you to make the best use of your resources with a mix of virtual and classroom-based training. Users can access the cloud-based platform at any convenient time and location to complete eLearning, join a webinar or book a classroom training session.

By allowing you to standardise content and courses across various stakeholders, Empowered enables efficient and consistent product and feature roll-outs. Flexibility is one of Empowered’s key strengths, and the system is customisable for different audiences and learners, including multiple branded portals and the easy management of multiple languages for markets in different countries. And the extensive reporting functions allow you to manage compliance and risk even among learners who don’t work for your organisation.

By reducing time to competence and staff turnover through enhanced learning engagement, Empowered helps reduce training costs, improve customer relationships and even increase sales revenue, delivering a tangible return on your learning.

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