How does Redware’s Empowered LMS benefit automotive retailers?

At Redware, we understand that the challenges facing automotive retail organisations are continuing to change at an unprecedented rate, and organisations within the industry also need to change rapidly to keep pace and deliver the outstanding customer experiences that will see them attract and retain customers.

Creating an agile organisation able to respond to change begins with cultivating an agile mindset amongst employees. It’s therefore vital to encourage your people to take control of their own learning, and Empowered has several features to engage learners within the automotive industry. Learners’ homepages are designed to engage at every stage, from discovering new courses to reminding learners to finish training, as well ensuring mandatory or compliance-related training is completed in good time.

Learning discovery

When learners log in to Empowered, they are greeted by a scrolling carousel, allowing you to advertise your most relevant courses or important information. This is ideal for incorporating marketing ideas into your learning strategy, by creating consistent images that learners can automatically associate with any other course publicity materials that you have circulated. It is also a useful tool for encouraging less-engaged users, by giving them the most important, most relevant information in the most prominent part of the LMS.

The learner’s dashboard also includes Latest Courses, a quick view of the most recent courses they are eligible to enrol on whilst not showing any courses they have already registered for. There is also the ability to view the month’s most popular courses, again filtered to only show courses the learner hasn’t enrolled on. And to help learners explore less-familiar topics, Empowered includes Recommended Categories, which allows learners to view a selection of the course categories with the most learning they have not already enrolled onto.

If all of these homepage tools weren’t enough, there is also a Learning Catalogue that allows learners to browse, filter and search all training materials that they are eligible to enrol onto. To keep the catalogue relevant for learners, you can assign courses to certain job roles, locations or departments. One particularly relevant feature for dealer groups is the ability to assign training based on technical or non-technical job roles, ensuring that training designed for Servicing or Aftersales staff does not put Sales or back office staff off browsing the learning catalogue.

Empowered Learning Management System

Staying engaged

Any Learning Pathways learners are enrolled on are displayed at the top of the learner’s homepage so that they can jump back into learning whenever they need to – perfect for staff in busy dealerships who frequently need to step away from their learning activities at short notice. Learners can also be enrolled onto training activities automatically by Administrators, or individually by themselves or their managers, so all learning activities they are currently enrolled on are displayed in their own Learning Zone on their homepage. Any trainer-led courses that learners are due to undertake are also shown in a course calendar on the homepage, so that learners have the time to prepare for their time out of the office.

System notifications can also be used to ensure learners complete any mandatory training before key deadlines, as well as to notify learners of news and upcoming learning activities. To help learners keep track of their own learning, they can also ‘favourite’ useful content, saving any learning they’re interested in or find particularly useful, on a separate dashboard, available from the homepage.

The advantage of Empowered for automotive retailers is that the LMS has developed and grown alongside the automotive industry, meaning all features are designed specifically for the automotive industry and tested in businesses like yours. Engaging employees with training has been shown to improve employee retention and create better customer experiences, as well as improving organisations’ agility and ability to react to change.

In the current challenging automotive retail environment, it’s more important than ever to develop an agile mindset amongst your employees so that your organisation can respond to new challenges better and faster than ever before.

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