Developing Learners to Leaders - Features of an Automotive Learning Management System

Developing learners to leaders benefits both individuals and their organisations; those that measure the impact of learning innovation report increases in customer satisfaction, revenue and profitability. Redware’s Empowered Learning Management System has been developed in conjunction with automotive organisations to help them bring their global talent strategies to life and develop their learners to leaders.

Gaining competence

Developing learners to leaders begins as soon as they begin working at an organisation, if not before. Using a Learning Management System (LMS) for onboarding new employees can reduce their time to competence by a matter of months. Indeed, Volvo Cars UK used Empowered to implement a training programme that reduced technicians’ time to competence from 6 months to just 6 weeks.

Empowered allows you to create Learning Pathways, which incorporate a range of different learning content including eLearning and classroom-based courses. Each individual component needs to be completed for the learner to gain their certificate and you can create ‘equivalencies’ that map external professional qualifications to your courses to avoid learners repeating training.

Using Learning Pathways to create an onboarding programme incorporating blended learning means that new employees can hit the ground running and do not necessarily need to wait for the next available classroom course. Incorporating a range of training materials into one programme or Learning Pathway also allows new hires to progress at their own pace and around the business needs.

Training deadlines within Empowered allow you to be certain that learners are fully compliant with any mandatory training. As well as reducing organisational risk, mandatory training and refresher quizzes can be a vital tool to ensure staff are well-informed and confident in their ability to do their jobs. Organisations that measure outcomes from technology-enabled learning report an average 19% increase in staff satisfaction and motivation, as well as a 7% increase in revenue, showing how learning technology benefits both staff and the organisation[1].

Delivering training via mobile learning in Empowered is another way to help employees gain confidence and competence in their role. This format allows learners to access the training and information they need at the point they need it, so that learning can take place as part of the work day, rather than requiring time set aside at a PC or in a classroom. Learning can even take place with customers present, for example in having mobile resources available for staff to refer to when dealing with complex customer enquiries, meaning the customer retains the one point of contact within the sales team and their enquiries are dealt with then and there, keeping the conversation flowing.

Developing skills for the future

Empowered has several key features that allow learners to develop the skills they need for their future career.

Personalised learning zones and catalogues allow learners to access both mandatory and optional professional development, whilst only viewing content that is relevant for them. Any courses a learner is enrolled on appear in their personalised learning zone, and learners can browse or search for additional training in the learning catalogue. This feature can be used to allow technicians to access training that helps them further their career without trawling through courses designed for sales or admin staff.

Personalised learning catalogues can be used in a wide range of situations to ensure training is relevant for learners. Courses can be allocated to all technical or non-technical roles or to specific departments, locations or countries within the extended enterprise, meaning that staff can easily access training designed specifically for their job role and organisation.  If learners find a course particularly useful they can also save it as a ‘favourite’ to refer back to later.

Creating career pathways in Empowered is an effective way of encouraging learners to develop their own career, providing a clear structure of the learning needed to progress in a given role. These can incorporate a range of training types, can be set up so that learners need to complete courses in a particular order and can contain self-directed learning or require management approval to begin training.

Getting back on track

Disengaged learners can be a challenge for the best Learning & Development initiatives, but Empowered contains several key features to help engage even the most reticent employees. Volvo Cars saw a 64% increase in learner engagement when they began using Empowered.

As well as the above features that are designed to engage learners, Empowered includes Activity Stream notifications, which allow you to notify learners of any key information and upcoming deadlines. And manager dashboards allow for all managers to identify any training shortfalls within their areas of responsibility and quickly act to rectify them.

Empowered also has multi-level reporting, meaning that each user can access the reports relevant for them. Managers within dealer groups and other franchises can ensure they are meeting Dealer Standards and any relevant legislation, without accessing reporting on other groups, and OEM L&D teams have all the information they need to measure the business impact of their training.

Developing your learners to leaders can benefit both individuals and the organisation. Using a Learning Management System like Empowered motivates employees to learn and allows them to own their learning journey. The organisation can therefore benefit from the advantages of developing learners to leaders, whilst making it easier and more cost-effective for L&D teams to administer training.

For learners, improved job performance, career development and increased job satisfaction are all realisable benefits from learning. For organisations, as well as retaining the best people with the skills and knowledge they have built up within the company, training can have a significant impact on business outcomes.

[1] Towards Maturity, L&D: Where are we now? (2017) is sponsored by Redware and can be downloaded from

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