How to improve customer experience in automotive retail

In today’s volatile automotive retail market, it is becoming more important than ever to deliver exceptional customer experiences throughout the consumer journey. As well as increasing learning access and flexibility within your organisation, mobile learning devices can be used to improve the customer experience in a number of different ways.

Knowledge retention and getting the facts right

One thing the automotive sector has in common with other retail areas is the increase in customer webrooming — the practice of conducting meticulous research online before turning up at the store or showroom to view the product in real-life. Internet-enabled devices also put a huge range of information at the customers’ fingertips on-site.

There are a huge range of technical specifications and other facts and details associated with every vehicle model and, beyond some key facts, it simply is not feasible to expect sales teams to be able to recall every detail.

Mobile learning devices such as tablets stationed around the showroom can place the same or better information at the salesperson’s fingertips. This can allow them to offer detailed advice to customers who aren’t quite so well prepared, as well as confirming details for those who are, while bringing a vital human presence to the sales environment.

Having the key model information at the point of need can also be particularly valuable during new product launches as a well-informed sales team will deliver and exceed customer expectations.

Showing the customer a different view

Mobile learning devices can also be a great way to show the customer hard-to-see parts or details.

Videos or images of these under-the-hood elements with smart technology can enhance the purchase experience.

Mobile devices can also be used to show marketing materials, such as launch videos, imagery, smart apps or product specification videos in a controlled and secure way, meaning the customer experience of the brand can be managed within dealerships.

Implementing mobile learning devices into your sales environment

It can be useful to introduce standard devices such as a number of tablets of the same specification running the same software. You can offer training to ensure every member of your sales staff knows how to use the technology to access the information they need at any given time.

Employees are also becoming more tech-savvy and businesses of different kinds are introducing bring your own device (BYOD) policies in the workplace. This means staff are using devices they are already familiar with and can be a great way to encourage learners to engage with your Learning Management System. Using an Enterprise App Store like Insight also allows staff to review resources in their downtime or while travelling, and they can even download content to view offline later.

Improving customer experience in automotive begins with a well-trained, engaged workforce - discover how to reach, train and engage dealership staff.

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