Redware to open up new technological expertise at Advanced Engineering

This year’s Advanced Engineering exhibition will be expanded into more business functions than ever before with the addition of Redware, a provider of Learning Management Solutions and enterprise app stores.

With visitors to the show exploring all manner of solutions to improve their processes and increase value throughout their supply chain, Redware are on hand to demonstrate how companies can improve their profit margins by engaging and training from within.

With 18 years of developing solutions for the Automotive Engineering sector, Redware will be on stand K2 at Advanced Engineering to show how these technologies could help you engage your employees and improve performance across your organisation.

Redware’s solutions are developed for multinational organisations with a wide range of business functions, from manufacturing centres to sales floors and after-sales, so that you can create learning and communications that are relevant for every individual within your organisation.

How learning management technology impacts your bottom line

Aside from CEOs consistently telling research companies that skills gaps are a real threat to organisations’ futures in uncertain times, disengaged employees are costing organisations productivity and money every day.

The Workplace Research Foundation found that companies that foster engaged brand ambassadors in their workforce reported an average of 3.5 fewer sick days taken per employee each year than those with weak engagement. And highly engaged employees are 38% more likely to have above average productivity.

Redware’s Empowered Learning Management System is proven to increase employee engagement; Volvo Cars saw a 64% increase in learner engagement when they introduced the technology.

Empowered is designed both with and for multinational engineering organisations, and because we understand the sector, we developed a Learning Management System with the flexibility you need to develop and engage all employees, no matter their job role, as well as your supply chain and distributors.

Speak to Redware on stand K2 at Advanced Engineering to find out more about how a Learning Management System could improve your bottom line.

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