How can you build a stronger, better workforce?

In the highly competitive automotive retail sector, your own employees and staff working across your extended enterprise are the backbone of a successful business. What steps can you take to create a strong, empowered and engaged workforce?

Firstly, recruit carefully, demonstrating your competitive advantage to attract the best staff. Demonstrating your commitment to ongoing training and personal development can be a powerful motivating factor for the brightest and best candidates, who will be comparing more factors than just the salary and benefits on offer at other automotive companies. An effective talent strategy is the first and arguably most important step to building a stronger, better workforce.

Once you have hired new staff, they will need to be onboarded rapidly and efficiently. Accelerating the onboarding process for new employees with a combination of on-site training and eLearning not only benefits the dealership by reducing hours away from the salesfloor, workshop or office, but also settles the employee more quickly into your way of working. Redware’s Empowered Learning Management System (LMS), for example, gave Volvo Cars the power to reduce technicians' time to competence from 6 months to 6 weeks with its combination of conventional classroom training and eLearning.

 Maintaining focus and drive

An extended enterprise Learning Management System can also help you to test training needs and identify skills gaps – those that already exist as well as those that are likely to open up in the foreseeable future. This helps you plan and prepare for shifts like the digitalisation of the industry and its impact on customer expectations, putting the necessary training in place to protect your business interests as Automotive4.0 advances.

The upskilling of existing staff through ongoing training means your employees will always have the knowledge they need at their fingertips, empowering them to do their job well and improve in their role. An LMS makes this training easy to implement and track, and ensures your learners are well-equipped to adapt to change. Empowered has been shown to enhance learner engagement by 64%, promoting a more focused and committed workforce who are prepared to go the extra mile for your business.

You can help translate personal ambition into professional drive by simply showing your employees what’s possible. Empowered facilitates career pathway mapping and learning tailored to individual needs. By signposting opportunities for advancement, you motivate employees to work harder and achieve better results, for themselves and for you.

Instilling a culture of continuous learning, communication and personal development will aid efforts to make staff feel valued and important to your business. Measuring performance and providing feedback – whether that’s in terms of learning outcomes or general KPIs – helps show employees that they are making progress and making a difference, and is easily achieved using the comprehensive reporting systems integrated into Empowered.

 Retaining the best talent

If all the previous steps have been followed, reduced rates of attrition should naturally follow. A strong, competent workforce will have a low rate of staff turnover and cope easily when staff do inevitably move on. When configured and deployed properly, the right LMS will have a visible impact; Empowered has reduced staff turnover by 18% for one automotive client, for example. Ultimately, staff who are empowered with the knowledge and skills they need and engaged with continuous professional development are less likely to leave and more likely to become an asset to your business.

The continuous process of building a stronger, better workforce does not stop there, however, and nor do the benefits of Redware’s Empowered Learning Management System. Learning technology enables reliable and efficient succession planning, with Empowered giving you the ability to collate data about competencies, performance and progress and identify those with the highest potential.

With the right enterprise learning strategy in place and Empowered to support it, your automotive business can easily build a stronger, better workforce.


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