Creating an extended enterprise learning strategy in automotive retail

An extended enterprise learning strategy is a crucial tool for all automotive retailers and OEMs looking to gain an advantage in the competitive automotive retail industry. Extended enterprise learning strategies can be many times more complex than those that focus on internal training only as they need to incorporate the needs and objectives of all relevant organisations into the one extended enterprise strategy.

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How does Redware’s Empowered LMS benefit automotive retailers?

At Redware, we understand that the challenges facing automotive retail organisations are continuing to change at an unprecedented rate, and organisations within the industry also need to change rapidly to keep pace and deliver the outstanding customer experiences that will see them attract and retain customers.

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Getting the basics right in automotive training

As automotive learning technology providers, at Redware we are always looking forward; to the future of the industry and new technologies to help your organisation reach its future goals. However, it’s also important to stop and consider the needs of learners right now. If we as organisations are not providing the training learners need in the format they want to receive it, we will struggle to engage them with training now or in future, no matter how many engaging features and best-practices we incorporate.

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Redware to sponsor Advanced Engineering’s Automotive Engineering Forum

Redware are delighted to announce that we are Associate Sponsors of the Automotive Engineering Forum at Advanced Engineering 2018.

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How can you build a stronger, better workforce?

In the highly competitive automotive retail sector, your own employees and staff working across your extended enterprise are the backbone of a successful business. What steps can you take to create a strong, empowered and engaged workforce?

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Developing Learners to Leaders - Features of an Automotive Learning Management System

Developing learners to leaders benefits both individuals and their organisations; those that measure the impact of learning innovation report increases in customer satisfaction, revenue and profitability. Redware’s Empowered Learning Management System has been developed in conjunction with automotive organisations to help them bring their global talent strategies to life and develop their learners to leaders.

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High voltage skills gap: Only 1% of technicians qualified to work safely on hybrid & electric vehicles

The lower emission revolution

Automotive manufacturers have been busy expanding their portfolios of electric and hybrid vehicles recently. Rates of adoption are creeping up as charging infrastructure is expanded and batteries become cheaper, making lower emission vehicles more affordable and more accessible to a broader audience.

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Does your talent strategy need to shift up a gear?

 With the automotive sector facing increasingly rapid change, the challenges dealers face are only likely to grow in the coming years. Now is therefore the time for both dealers and manufacturers to review their enterprise talent strategy and create one relevant and future-proof strategy that ensures their organisation is prepared for any future challenges.

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Bridging the digital skills gap in automotive retail

While it is clear that digital technology will transform the automotive industry, there are a number of associated challenges that need to be addressed by industry and government leaders to unlock the substantial benefits it offers.

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Redware to open up new technological expertise at Advanced Engineering

This year’s Advanced Engineering exhibition will be expanded into more business functions than ever before with the addition of Redware, a provider of Learning Management Solutions and enterprise app stores.

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