Tips to connect with workers on the move using mobile learning

In an increasingly digital and mobile society, it is now not only millennials that expect information to be accessible on the move - during the daily commute, when picking up a latte-to-go, and even on a plane.

This development is no different in the professional landscape; your staff now expect to consume work-related content on the move too.

In order to make training accessible to your workers, resulting in increased engagement and better work performance, follow these top tips:

1. Be succinct
Today's workers are often time-poor. Keeping content short, simple and succinct, whilst retaining quality of information, will encourage your employees to engage with material in small doses, often.

Keep it bite-sized; aim for it to take no more than 20 minutes of their time to consume.

2. Reduce file sizes
Many learners want to access training on a mobile device so be mindful of individual data allowances. Ensuring that files are 100MB or less means that people won’t be put off downloading content and won’t risk facing a huge phone bill at the end of the month!

3. Keep videos short
People often favour video content over scrolling through text, so make sure that videos are short, sharp and to the point so that the information is digestible and your audience stays engaged.

4. Ensure access to WiFi
Allowing people to use their mobile devices to access training from anywhere onsite means they can access the content they need when they need it, improving training uptake and learning efficiency. For example, provide quick-reference product information that showroom staff can access while talking to customers.

5. Be mindful of pushing content
Of course, a great way of getting your content noticed by your employees is to push it via channels such as email. However, just because you can, it doesn’t mean that constantly being bombarded with material will always be welcomed.

Empowered's Notifications allow you to highlight key information and upcoming training deadlines on learners' personalised learning zones so that they are only notified of information important to them.

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